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Che cucciola!

Che cucciola!

DOG = GOD Curta no meu blog http://www.kickante.com.br/campanhas/o-sobrenatural-do-homem-c-os-animais

That reminds me of my missing dog buster vegas.I have never found a picture of Christ with a pet prior to this painting. It is such an amazing inspired work of art thatshows our Savior caring for our beloved pets that have passed on.

En nog eens hond als moederpoes.

Love my dogs! Friends And this is our dogs… :) Sweet

Aww, this is something my Riley would do. :'D

I swear!!!

I hate spiders. :) marinapersoglio I hate spiders. :) I hate spiders.

omg. this is exactly what my puppy will look like someday. looks just like her! hilarious

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Cute animal picture of a cat and a puppy hugging. I'm gonna kill whoever said you were adopted.

Yes, too true! Michela#  How true is this? Said every cat owner everywhere.

Cats That Find Comfort In Finding Warm Spots

The dog is snacking in the contents of my litterbox again. Since I added another litterbox (with no cover), Red has discovered the pleasure of eating cat shit. I love my dog, but REALLY?

You're kind of an ASS Fluffy! !!!!! Lmao

"Having a cone collar fitted at the vet was bad enough, then my dog had to come home to the cat." Adding insult to injury comes to mind.

LMFAO I'm dying right now

Hahaha, my dog loved the peanut butter jar as a pup! She could fit her whole head in the jar. Now we give her peanut butter in her Kong.~❤~ True with my dog

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It's hard ot find a friend that's funny, loyal, sweet, so don't lose or leave me. Losing a Dog quote