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Daily Beards By Noble Grooming

Want to Grow a Thick Beard?Here are 5 easy hacks by our beard experts to ensure that you grow a thicker beard.

Cortes degradados y ligeramente marcados; atrevete #Noelluna #hairlook

22 Signs You May Have Lived In Manchester Too Long

You’re able to recognise individual Northern Quarter bartenders, despite them all sporting identical beards.

Un proyecto del artista estadounidense Cheyenne Randall experimenta con la posibilidad de que iconos de la historia contemporánea  hubiesen vivido una vida paralela ,  fueran personas normales, sin el  glamour  que les rodeó en su época ... y les hubiesen gustarado (mucho) los tatuajes

¿Y si Audrey Hepburn se hubiera tatuado?

SPOTLIGHT: Shopped Tattoos by Cheyenne Randall Tattoos (real and/or photoshopped alike) have become a favorite of the Internet. And now a brilliant digital artist by the name of Cheyenne Randall has.