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Ise Ananphada is an illustrator from Bangkok, Thailand. Her work usually comprises of female portraits with a very gently color palette. Ananphada is known for

VADER VECTOR by Jorge Valderrama, via Behance

VADER VECTOR by Jorge Valderrama, via Behance

Chapter 1: Dede is getting interviewed about her and her sisters and Dede starts telling stories about the past.  Chapter 2: Minerva and 2 of her sisters go to school. Minerva makes a friend named Sinita. Sinita tells Minerva about Trujillo's secret. Sinita tried to kill Trujillo during their performance for him on his birthday.

Theme step the title "in the time of the butterflies" means in the time of the sisters, and how they changed so much in time ,butterflies start as caterpillars and turn into beautiful things that can fly and be free.