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Albinismo (187)Giraffe

Albino animals are always a fascinating thing to see in nature-- sometimes they are beautiful, and sometimes they are downright scary! These photos of albino animals have one thing in common: they're all pretty amazing to look at.

White giraffe

Rare 'white giraffe' are spotted, captured on video for the first time in Kenya - Newshable

Wow! Giraffe stunts

Funny pictures about Leap giraffe. Oh, and cool pics about Leap giraffe. Also, Leap giraffe.

Image: Omo, a rare white giraffe, roams Tanzania's Tarangire National Park

Rare White Giraffe Spotted in African National Park

The nicknamed Omo, after a local laundromat, is catching the eye at the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania for her pale white shade.

Reverse Giraffe

Reverse Giraffe

Funny pictures about Reverse Giraffe. Oh, and cool pics about Reverse Giraffe. Also, Reverse Giraffe photos.

Because of this giraffe's white appearance, locals have named her "Omo," which is a popular brand of detergent in Tanzania. An original name for an original girl!

This giraffe's skin cells lack the ability to make pigment, which is what makes her look so incredible.

Take a look at some very odd albino animals. Albino or not, they’re .

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