And I’m going to (:

I created my Fitblr to motivate me everyday and help other people to is motivate too. I want to lose weight; tone up and change my mind and my body in a healthy way.


Health care is not about the govt. taking care of your health. Health care is about you taking responsibility for your own health. The best prescription for health care is exercise and nutrition. are you taking care of your health today?

Every single day!

Practicing Yoga at Home: A 30 Day Yoga Challenge

The official site for Jari Love - Workout, Fitness, Exercise, Diet and Nutrition DVDs. Fitness programs to help people of any fitness level lose weight in just weeks

Weight loss and fitness motivation - 10 things to do instead of eating out of boredom.

3500 calories burned is 1 pound of fat gone! Burn 500 calories more than you eat every day and you'll lose a pound every week :)

So true... find more motivation at Facebook:

I’m not losing weight. I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again….

6 Ways to Keep your Knees Pain-free - exercises to help strengthen knees.. definitely need to read this

6 Ways to Keep your Knees Pain-free

6 Ways to Keep your Knees Pain-free - exercises to help strengthen knees. definitely need to read this

Just do it by kaky

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"Because the next few months will go by no matter if you workout or not. Make it count." Quote Motivation to workout

4 reasons why working out can make you happier :) xoxo, Ellie #motivation #workout #inspiration

Working Out Makes You Happier! More endorphins, better mood! More antibodies, so better health! Better confidence in yourself and great self esteem!

No excuses...find something on here that makes you do it and go for it.!/pages/Kiana-Hanna-Fitness-Living-the-Life-of-Insanity/265966823444890

Just in case you run out of motivation Its one of those things that if you dont give yourself a reason to stay motivated everyday, youll lose your momentum

30 Motivational Self Improvement Quotes | ~She Exists~ | to Add Colors in Life

10 Breakfast Smoothies to Help You Lose Weight

Inspirational Quote - Life's too short not to be healthy fit and happy! Eat move hydrate sleep and love!

#whywouldyounotwanttochange #cwp #lovelife

#whywouldyounotwanttochange #cwp #lovelife

Need some gym Motivation? View my top 36 training clips listed on my website.

This quote has been my whole inspiration and all my motivation to get back into it after two months of being out of it. And it's so true. "I really regret that workout" SAID NO ONE EVER.