Karma is real but people take a chance that karma doesn't exist. I'm here to let you know that karma is absolutely real. You know this though

And I hope karma slaps you in the face even after I slapped you upside the head cause it clearly did not knock any sense into you

Hell yeah!

One helluva right hook. I got this shit! (But I am also a princess)



Funny pictures about When in doubt. Oh, and cool pics about When in doubt. Also, When in doubt.

make damn sure!

Top 30 Quotes to Live By

The greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think. Who cares what other people think? You do your thing!

I ROARED This Year..& THIS Year..I'm Good.. You Both Are So Strong..& I'm So Proud Of You ..Just Keep Taking Baby Steps..xxxxYou're Going To SHINE..xoxo Try..xox

Love this! "Never kick me when I"m down because when I get back up.you're fucked.

SJW as seen by the world - Imgur

SJW as seen by the world

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