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The Mayan Wheel Crop Circle : Silbury Hill, Wiltshire August 2004 The year 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy of the shift of the ages is symbolized with the e…


Los Crop Circles Mas Raros

Pringle Crop Circle Photo  stanton-bridge-2.jpg

Crop Circles: The Work of Fallen Angels . Don`t be deceived: they are the work of demonic spirits. They fascjnate many and lead them astray.

Etchillhampton 2011

The Rim of the crop circle at Andechs Abbey is similar to a previous formation at Etchilhampton, nr Devizes, Wiltshire, UK. Reported July Image The Crop Circle Connector

crop-circle План...

Absolutely nobody can convince me a free blokes with a couple of boards snuck into a farmer's Patrick and created something this spectacular overnight and left no footprints or evidence that they were even there!