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How it feels. But at home with free weights and a treatdmill. Or with Aikido. Can't afford no gym!

IQ test

Fitness Humor The look you have when you see the next guy try to rep the same weight.

Sad, but true. Don't be part of the majority of people in the gym who text or do other things- go to the gym to get work done, its not social hour.

The gym in 1974 vs. the gym in Which pic looks most like your gym?

Don’t let excuses/bad experiences get in your way: Heb 10:25 Let us not quit meeting together, as some have a habit of doing, but let us encourage one another & all the more as you see the Day approaching. ~ We urge believers to find a good Bible teaching church because the Bible tells us to be in relationship with other believers. As part of Christ's body, we recognize our need to fit into the body of believers. Church is where we come together to reassure one another as part of Christ's…

I would call hypocrites those who lie on the bed ,watch tv,with bad language,while drinking wine,and saying they do not need church. This is the worst hypocricy and lie I have ever heard.



Ha!!! It took me a good and solid 6 months to see results - then it became an addiction ❤️

It took me a good and solid 6 months to see results - then it became an…

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Beth is angry with Daryl For not wanting to try and look for the others, she takes his knife and starts out on her own