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*Waits at the cash register while mom grabs one more thing* *Dies of panic*.

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And therefore we were brought into the kpop hole.

It should just be growing up with a vagina but WHATEVER >> and here we see a wild political corrector

The awkward moment when you’re TRYING to be discreet about it, but other people make it so hard. Those male teachers tho smh

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everyone knows the didn't end until like 2010 I was born in 2000 and remember all of those things haha<< I was born in 2002 and I remember most of that stuff

Chanel vs Walmart Lana del Rey

Chanel vs Walmart Lana del Rey hahah I don't like snake 🐍

Lol | Lana Del Rey #LDR

Here's exactly how to have Skype sex (or Facetime sex!) in a way that truly connects you with your partner — especially a long-distance partner.

Well if this isn't me

"Mom, I'm ti-" "I know Honey just a minute." *mom finishes conversation* "Okay let's go home." "Is that Miss Anna, hey girl!" "OH MY GOD MOM KILL ME NOW." <-- haha what kind of mom says hey girl?