Gaaf patroon op de muur met tape :) Jazz up your wall space with these easy washi tape wall decals. Super fun to create and so affordable!

washi tape diy geometric wall with washi tape

35 ways we're (still) using washi tape

Washi tape is that ubiquitous Japanese masking tape that has taken the design world by storm

washi tape wall

washi tape wall

Want to keep some pictures in my dorm, but I DON'T want a bunch of frames lined up in my work space. Resorting to posting them on the wall using washi tape. :)

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Seems I'm not the only one following the paper airplane theme, sadly I'm not first... Some more decals or wall stickers, whatever you prefer to call them found by BlueBirdHill

Use washi tape to make image of paper planes on walls- fun for play room, kids rooms or classroom. shapes for geometry - number lines.

Imagem de https://viajandonoape.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/origami-tsuru-washi-tape-fita-isolante.jpg.

There are tons of ways in which you can add color to your home with DIY washi tape projects.


Moon Wall Stickers offers a creative range of Geometric Mid Century Decals. Redesign any room or office with this amazing Geometric Mid Century Stickers.

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FOR ARTMasking washi tape photo wall project. You can do this easily with the washi tape we have at Blue Sky!

Washi Tape Wall Idea: https://bonnyundkleid.com/2016/01/do-it-yourself-washi-tape-wall/

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déco fluo dans le salon style scandinave

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Reproduire la forme d'un oiseau origami en washi tape sur le mur /DIY make a wall decor in masking tape with a projector

Wall Tape >> Awesome!

New translucent rice paper wallcovering by Sincol x MT. Japanese MT Tape = the best, only thing better than cute crafty tape is a giant version of it for your walls!

washi tape wall art

Washi Tape House Decorating / Decora tu Casa (mailto:ventas for the tapes)