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I don't have a favorite doctor because, really, the doctor is the doctor, no matter what form he takes. BUT Christopher Eccleston is my doctor. He is the one that introduced me to this wonderful world and he'll always have such a special place in my heart.

Oh, Eccleston. I LOVE YOU! You're in my heart!<<<< He was my first doctor,and I Love him! I love his sass and personality! And it's amazing that Eccleston made me like him so much even though he had such a short time as the doctor.

Good plan, Nine, good plan. But the thing is, Capt. Jack even approves! He funded it!

Well, the Doctor's ideas always are the best, so. Impression on a First Date

Doctor Who memories

Uuugh, I know this didn't happen, but headcanon anyway, because I love the idea of the Doctor and Rory having an adventure on their own and Rory learning more about the Doctor's losses in that time than even Amy could know.

The fact that Rose had spent the entire episode trying to get her to say that makes it all the more funny

I am not amused. bet you ten quid that i can make her say it.<--- the satisfaction on rose 's face is unattainable. And the look on the Doctor's face is amusing=p

Doctor Who / iFunny :)

One of my favoriteDoctor Who lines ever! Rose and the Doctor!<<that face in the middle cracks me up though!

Love Matt Smith with all my heart

His thought process- Why do they call me doctor? they call me doctor cause i call me doctor. why do i call me doctor? me, confused.


this isn't the real me? This isn't my real body! But I've been DIETING! " Donna Noble - Doctor Who

I like this. Yes this pleases me greatly

did u know every beach scene in doctor who is filmed on southerndown beach in wales


Rose "Just go with it" Tyler, I love her<<<<<I travel with Rose now. Rose is cool.

Love when Donna says this

Oh I love her so much. I really hope that this is the season when the Doctor suddenly says " Oi! I just figured out how to let Donna Noble remember everything without killing her!" :)<<<<< that last bit would make me the happiest Whovian around

Finally Finished My Doctor Who Illustration Series - Album on Imgur

Finally Finished My Doctor Who Illustration Series

Rose: Did you know this was gonna happen? Rose: Do you recognize the ship? Rose: Do you know why it crashed? Rose: Oh, I'm so glad I've got you. (This is Just Fantastic!

I just love how much joy Nine has on his face - all the time. Childlike wonder.