Butterfly Vines Tattoo by buzz-n-sara on DeviantArt

That's what I'm looking for to finish my tattoo. I have a butterfly on my back and I want to add a couple more with whimsical vines, like these, up my side and have my girls' names written in the vines.


Less black, but good to incorporate my current butterfly (best butterfly tattoo ever) love the color

This with dragonflies instead

I would truly love to do this. Maybe for my mom & dad. But a yellow rose In the place of one of the butterflies. Then figure out what to do for my dad.rather I keep the butterfly and make it his favorite color, Lavander purple.

Butterflies III by TomRodrigues76 on DeviantArt

Tribal blue color butterfly tattoo on leg.modify less butterflies.in purple for Fibromyalgia, add words.on foot!

caduceus & butterfly

Love this! ❤️ hadn't even noticed the RN in the wings. Would love it in pink n purples