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Strawberry Fields Whatever: April 2013

William Eggleston "Eggleston made his seemingly documentary photographs carry the enriched reverberations of fiction.

Лос-Аламос в 1974 на фотографиях Уильяма Эглстона: humus

I first heard about William Eggleston through my good friend and talented street photographer Charlie Kirk about a year and a half ago. He mentioned that he just purchased a copy of “Chromes&…

William Eggleston, Untitled (Carter bumpersticker), 1976

Available for sale from Heather James Fine Art, William Eggleston, Untitled ('Jimmy Carter.'bumper) Dye-transfer print, 20 × 24 in

William Eggleston 1974 Los Alamos series-ford-torino-web.jpg (2000×1337)

The doyen of car culture images is the Memphis, Tennessee photographer William Eggleston (Credit: Eggleston Artistic Trust, Memphis) The stunning car photos that capture the Century

A website featuring the fine-art photography of Nashville artist and media consultant William H. "Bill" Hobbs.

William Eggleston: I chose this photo because it attracted me with the way the bright blue car is against the dark sky.


WILLIAM EGGLESTON LOS ALAMOS Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills - “I just wait until (my subject) appears, which is often where I happen to be.

In William Eggleston’s The Democratic Forest: Selected Works, the photographer’s charge to himself seems to be, "Make a picture of nothing at all," the emptiness takes on a special character. Seizing on the blankness as the very thing to see, he joins the poet Wallace Stevens in voyaging through the God-less realms where it is left to the hapless twentieth-century self, embarked on its own idiotic quest, to discern the difference between the “Nothing that is not there and the nothing that…

Eggleston’s Empty America

Untitled (Citgo gas station) 1976.William Eggleston

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William Eggleston

William Eggleston, Downtown Morton, Mississippi, c.