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*clutches chest and makes worrying noises*

I really ship these guys, but I'm sure anyone that likes the Borderlands games does.

Someone please save timothy (omfg I have never related to someone so much in my life)

POP! Handsome Jack

POP! Handsome Jack

From Games' Borderlands 2 video game, it's Handsome Jack! This despicable antagonist knows no boundary when it comes to his evil ambitions. The Borderlands Handsome Jack Pop! Vinyl Figure measures approximately 3 tall.

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(not so) Tiny Tina Comic - by Adrien Debos

ArtStation - Not So Tiny Tina - Borderlands 2 Fan Art Adrien Debos

Art by doubleleaf Borderlands 2 (The three main crazy ladies of BL2. Gawd I would love to hang out with them if they were real and i wasn't afraid of being shot with weapons illegal by the geneva convention. )

gaige, mad moxxi, and tiny tina (borderlands and borderlands drawn by gb (doubleleaf) - Danbooru