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HD Wallpaper and background photos of Iwamine Shuu for fans of Hatoful boyfriend images.

Shuu Iwamine (岩峰 舟 ) runs the infirmary at St. Pigeonation's, and is one of the dateable birds in Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings. He's a chukar partridge, disliked throughout the school for his unsettling demeanor and habit of threatening to make nosy students into experimental specimens. For this reason, there are rumors the doctor has a hand in the disappearance of students and their subsequent reappearance as cafeteria meat and gift shop quill pens. Students wh...

Shuu Iwamine

Shuu Iwamine (岩峰 舟 ) runs the infirmary at St. Pigeonation's, and is one of the dateable birds.

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aryll: ☆ KISS KISS FALL IN DOVE! ☆ i read this amazing crossover fic the other day and i knew exactly what had to be done. enjoy your flower symbolism (the composition is based off this cover!


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official Absolute ZERO (fantasy AU hatoful boyfriend) artworks “Here are ICPSS art works of Absolute ZERO.

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I laughed and then cried