#dollhouse miniatures

Welcome to my latest project, a Tuscan kitchen I& lovingly named Bel Sole {beautiful sun}. Set in the beautiful and dreamy hills of Tusc.

Country hutch by Maritza Miniatures place a brass curtain rod just below the bonnet and place a cheese cloth type fabric and pull eath back with a decorative pull just above the bottom shelf.

Miniature range. Love the delicate tile surround!

Progress on Miniature House. I made some changes to the fireplace and black cooker. And I constructed and painted a kitchen s.

Beyond amazing teeny tiny house - 10 Dreamy Doll Houses | Tinyme Blog

10 Dreamy Doll Houses

Dollhouse Filled Hutch, Strawberry themed.   Twelfh scale dollhouse miniature

Dollhouse Filled Hutch Hutch Miniature by Insomesmallwayminis


Maritza Miniatures French Country (Plates by Lavender Dilly etsy. Pie by Cynthia Lauren Sperin etsy)