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MaPharmacie drugstore by José Lévy, Paris

MaPharmacie drugstore by José Lévy, Paris

Intratuin groene oase

Intratuin groene oase

円 grocery cart art 円

This British street artist Banksy has come up with some new work in London. This time Banksy makes som political and social commentary on Black Friday, the shopping lifestyle and being under monitor threat.

Moss adds instant age to new things by giving them a time worn patina. Growing moss is very popular in a garden on waterfalls, rocks, statues, terracotta pots, bricks, bolders, and almost anywhere that is moist and shady. If you want to give something in your garden more character, consider growing moss. See the steps below for how to grow moss.

How to Make Moss

How to make moss. My yard has enough of it but it wiuld be nice ti grow it wherever i would like!

Una alfombra verde de 1500 metros que recorre todo un pueblo  Tapis Rouge! (alfombra roja) es el sorprendente nombre, dado que el material utilzado es césped, que se ha dado a esta obra de arte contemporáneo realizada en Jaujac (Francia).

A better image of the “Arts and Nature Trail” program. Gaëlle Villedary helped the French village of Jaujac celebrate the year of its arts and nature trail programs by cutting a new 1400 foot green path of moss through its city center.

Vertical Garden by liza #greenwithenvy #lifeinstyle

Woolly pocket wall garden Try a modern take on traditional hanging baskets with a wall of these Woolly Pockets. Since they're lined with moisture barriers, you don't have to worry about any leaking.