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Instagram Photos From Our Readers: Summertime Hues, Bold Florals, and Outdoor Escapes

Tom Fruin: Works Imagine the play of light and color inside this stained glass dream of a house!

Bright, http://www.inspireddesigner.blogspot.com/2012/06/bright.html  Spektrum Eins - by Matthias Heiderich  http://matthias%20heiderich%20/

Loving bright color schemes right now, don't you love these graphic stripes and angles! Spektrum Eins - by Matthias Heiderich

Считается, что если улыбаться чаще, то и #настроение будет лучше (т.е. обратная зависимость). Интересно, если воспользоваться этой инфографикой, сразу станешь успешным? Или не сразу? ;-) http://itrex.ru/news/privychki-neudachnikov-i-uspeshnykh-ludey

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this isn't happiness™ (Arts & Architecture, Nadja Stevanovic), Peteski

Matthias Heiderich, From series Spektrum Zwei

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Endsheets: b/w photos from around PC but brighten important structures. Other endsheet could be Monster Inc doors, all b/w except brighten ones that are open and have words in it with curiosity quote.



Lima, Perú

Lima, Perú