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Aerial photographs of seaside resorts at the adriatic coastline in Italy between Ravenna and Rimini by Bernhard Lang, Munich.

Aerial Views Adria: Photos by Bernhard Lang Colorful aerial photographs of beach umbrellas on the seaside resorts of the adriatic coast in Italy, between Ravenna and Rimini.

Cris Benton, ''Homage to Rothko''

Instead of taking his aerial landscapes shots from a helicopter or an airplane, photographer Cris Benton trusts a kite to fly away with his camera.

Release balloons to celebrate or Kickoff Week of the Young Child. Beautiful, but I worry that too many balloons released in the environment are not a good idea.

10 of the most stunning shots of earth's landscape captured from space, by Google Earth... // [ Click here to view: http://theendearingdesigner.com/google-earth-aerial-landscapes/ ]

10 Of The Most Beautiful Aerial Earth Landscape Shots...

Striking Aerial Photographs Reveal Industry's Impact on the Environment - Esquire

Bondi Beach

10 Summer Destinations We're Dreaming About

Bondi Beach

Le geometrie dell’Adriatico: incredibili foto della riviera romagnola dall’alto. #photography #summer

artchipel: “Bernhard Lang (Germany) - Aerial Views Adria Germany-based photographer Bernhard Lang’s obsession with aerial photography began after realizing that there actually wasn’t that much of it.

The Best 50 Drone Photos of 2016 -

The Best 50 Drone Photos of the Year

The Best 50 Drone Photos of 2016 - - Looking To Get Your First Quadcopter? TOP Rated Quadcopters has great quadcopters that will fit any budget.

Swimming pool Flat and ambiguous space — Aerial — Pixodium

Swimming pool Flat and ambiguous space — Aerial — Pixodium