vintage postcard c. artist Eugen Hurtung, published by Alfred Mainzer, printed in Turkey

Cats in Wedding Dresses. Thank you internet for this, I will cherish it always.

Dressing up the cats their gonna get married, dressing up the cats their gonna get married if we don't get all the cats married when they die they go to Cat Hell true... @joshuarector lots of cats

"True Love " Ahh maybe someday lol- cat vs human cartoon

not sure what's going on here really

Hollywood audition for black cat, 1961 Love It! I'd totally take my cats to an audition.if I could just get them on a leash.

12 Signs Cats Have Taken Over Your Home - Sinks are actually feline relaxation basins.

Post with 6843 votes and 1136773 views. I needed the sink and he wouldn't move so I turned on the water and he just played in it.

Alfred Mainzer Dressed Cats Postcard Max Kunzli Illustrated Zurich, Switzerland Rain Storm

Here is another fun humorous dressed cats postcard from Alfred Mainzer, illustrated by Max Kunzli of Zurich and printed in Switzerland.