"Be the attitude you want to be around." -Tim DeTellis #quotes #motivation #inspiration

Did you know it is world Gratitude Day? See what greatness you feel today when you face the day with gratitude and a positive attitude. Core Value: Positive Attitude "Be the attitude you want to be around.

Believe in yourself.

believe If I have a daughter I will put this on the wall in her room. or a son!

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Akhtaboot presents Attitude is Everything at the Workplace consisting of 5 simple tips to help you adopt a more positive attitude and show professionalism in the workplace.


You are worthy, Don't ever let anyone make you feel like you aren't. Your worth is defined by how you feel about yourself. Not how other people feel about you.Remember that your worth it!


This is such a great reminder on carrying the right attitude.ugh, I need to remember this.

I definitely don't follow the crowd...I do my own thing!

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more & become more, you are a leader. ~ John Quincy Adams this is some john Adams qoutes


"Never quit. If you stumble get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day, so get on track and move closer to your dreams & goals. You can do it. Never give up believing in yourself!

Time to Change Your Attitude?

A bad attitude is like a flat tireyou cant go anywhere until you change it - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. - Scott Hamilton

There is No Position in Sport as Noble as Goaltending. Get this on a t-shirt, poster, canvas, print or greeting card.


A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings, and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. - John C. Maxwell #Quotes

Equiping Women Spiritually and Financially

Leaders always motivate and inspire.

not many leaders are left in the world. most leaders are famous for pointing out errors!