hiii. i was wondering if anyone wanted to join my board xx cσηcєят cƖσтнєѕ cσηтєѕт xx.  if you join i would love for you to make a t-shirt (using skreened.com) for my concert in charlotte. the winner gets a follow + bonus material. the shirt must include both 5sos and 1d. i am looking for something like off of the #sassgems board.  the contest ends sep. 1. you have to follow me so i can add you to the board. if i delete your comment that means ive invited you! ~Crazeymoi xx

Austin Top 50 Fun in the Sun: Top 50 Things to do in Austin

Up All Night vs Midnight Memories I like niall in MM, I like harry in MM, I like zayn in UAN, I like louis in UAN, and I like liam in MM.

Even the video got to my mom. Especially during Louis' part of the video when he was posing with his grandparents and parents :')

Zayn and Louis' killed me<<<<< all of them but i cryied soooooo hard in


Oh my gosh. This is weird. Its like an old picture but photo shopped to look new.

Where we are tour!

Today (as we Directioners know) WWA ends tonight! I had a great time when One Direction was in Dc August 11 ☻♡