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Richard Renaldi 「Touching Strangers」

Would you ever pose intimately with a stranger? These people did! will make you laugh! A selection of photographs from photographer Richard Renaldi's unique series titled 'Touching Strangers'. Really touching and engaging pictures.

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CRIER: Los Angeles PR Firm - Food & Beverage, Wine, Medical, Health & Fitness

Los Angeles PR Firm - Food & Beverage, Wine, Medical, Health, and Fitness - Crier PR

"John Donne (poeta britânico) escreveu no século 16 que nenhum homem é uma ilha. “A morte de qualquer homem me diminui, porque sou parte do gênero humano”.  As mortes de Santa Maria nos diminuem; e nos obrigam a agir para evitar novas tragédias, que nos diminuiriam ainda mais".  CARLOS BRICKMANN

Por quem os sinos dobram?

Telecom Italia fecha acordo de conteúdo com Netflix - EExpoNews

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