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Bought my daughter this for Christmas

by Revlon, since 1935 from a New York-based company called Charles of the Ritz. the classic after bath splash Jean Nate.soo My Aunt Lola always used this, and I could use some when we went to visit

Wax bottles with candy juice...and then you chewed the wax like gum...Some of the cheaper brands just crumbled in your mouth..haha! by ester...

I remember! Wax bottles with candy juice.and then you chewed the wax like gum.Some of the cheaper brands just crumbled in your mouth. by ester.

Remember these?

Vintage 1952 candy vending machine at the Minnesota Historical Society

Bubble Gum Cigars!! We'd walk to the 7-Eleven to get a bag full of penny candy - Bubble gum cigars included!

& at all these old fashioned candy images on my board, it seems I was a drinkin& smokin& gold digger in training.

fruity Certs I really miss these. I liked them more than life savers even though they were smaller.

In the Certs was advertised on tv with a campaign with two people arguing over the proper classification of the mints. One would assert, "It’s a breath mint!" The other, "It’s a candy mint!" "It's two mints in one.

Remember when

I remember Gold Rocks Candy Bubble Gum. My daddy used to buy them for me every time we went to Cracker Barrel.

Before the strong mints from Canada that everyone loved, these were the candies in my dad's pocket. Mom liked the chocolate ones and we "fought" over the licorice ones. My favorite was the spicy lavender.

Necco wafers - I have a theory, either you are a chocolate person (I am not) or you are a CANDY person--I love Neccos! So excited for Valentines Day hearts!