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S&W Govenor .410, 45 colt, and 45 acp.

S&W Govenor 45 colt, and 45 acp. Now I feel like the crazy one checking this nonstop

Colt Anaconda Magnum 44                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Classic Colt ribs, extended barrel, and likely a load. Nice when you can find them, though the longer barrel is hardly necessary ~;

Auction:11366599 SK COLT 1911 SPECIAL COMBAT GOVERNMENT CARRY MODEL .45 ACP PISTOL NIB This Gun is Part of an Estate That I Must Sell. I Guarantee All M

She wants a colt for Christmas -- Colt Colt 1911 Special Combat Government Model ACP


This is one tough gun. It holds 6 rounds and capable of chambering not only shotshells and Colt, but ACP. *no aiming required with this gun* At it left a spray on the entire target. Ladies, it DOES have a 'lil kick.

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Colt Anaconda - Although the Anaconda is known mostly as a Magnum revolver, Colt did produce them in Colt as well. They’re a bit harder to find, with the barreled version being the most difficult to locate.