parakeets | Popular and Rare Lories and Lorikeets as Pets

Popular and Rare Lories and Lorikeets as Pets

Black-capped Lorys(Lorius lory) also known as western black-capped lory or the tricolored lory, is a parrot found in New Guinea and adjacent smaller islands.

Pretty Plum headed parakeet. I looked it up and they really have magnificent brilliant coloring.

Plum Headed Parrot - These are truly the most beautiful birds. Can't wait to see it colour up like this

Golden-shouldered Parrot (Psephotus chrysopterygius)

Making of #4 – A rare parrot at the end of the world

emuwren: The Golden-shouldered Parrot (Psephotus chrysopterygius) is a rare bird of southern Cape York Peninsular, in Queensland, Australia .

Rainbow Lorikeet - In the Australian forest.

Loriquet à tête bleue ou loriquet arc-en-ciel (Trichoglossus haematodus) "In the Australian forest" rainbow lorikeet! One of the noisiest (and most flirty/excitable) birds in Australia; next to cockatoos.

Rainbow Lorikeets: Australia, eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu

Aussie Christmas in Summer! Rainbow Lorikeet pair came out to play in my Garden.

Halbmaskenlori.jpg (1728×2304)

Blue-eared lory [Ceram or Seram lory, half-masked lory] (LC)

Blue-streaked Lory (Eos reticulata) - Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

blue-streaked lory (eos reticulata): found in the tanimbar islands and babar, all in indonesia. it was also introduced to the kai islands, but may be extinct there again. it inhabits mangrove, coconut groves, plantations and forests