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Cafe Racer Art

Illustration by Nuno Capêlo Crinkled Paper, Motorbike, Retro, pastel, yellow blue and black

- The Terminator in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Movie Quotes With A Gun

Terminator [James Cameron, «Movie Quotes With A Gun Author: Edgar Ascensao

#01 AFRO FUSION FESTIVAL Graphic Design | Illustration | Typography

Beautiful use of colors and emotional type that suggests the vibes of music. Typography picks up the color of the woman scarf to create unity and symmetry.

Harrison Ford Blade Runner (1982)

This is not "bruce willis in Die Hard" This is Harrison Ford playing Deckard in the inimitable Bladerunner.

I have to keep reminding nyself...everyone watched. None we knew helped and now permanentky disabled due the same. New dimension best for us perhaps. Thank you for your teachings. Bless.

There are some people in my life that I will love unconditionally. No matter how far they go from me. Months from now I will still be here. Ready to pick up where we left us.