************************************************ Obsessed with these gold mermaid tails and lavender sequin tops from

How to make a Mermaid Seashell Bra

19 - Although this is a guide on how to create a seashell bra, I thought that it would be a useful reference for decorating shells. As I would like to add shells to both my headdress and my dress, this is really helpful for adding detail.

Mermaid Crown Tiara Tutorial DIY (Couronne de sirène tutoriel) - Mon Petit Koala

Make Mermaid Crowns, go to the shell store and have the girls pick the shells they would like to use

Crochet sirenita

Crochet Mermaid tail with Top and Starfish headband, Crochet mermaid tail for babies and toddlers, Crochet Mermaid tail photo prop,

Mermaid Crown

We Lived Happily Ever After: Enchanted Honey Bee Flower Crown Spring Giveaway!