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10 Celebrity Memes Today!#1 Ariana Grande On Mythbusters.

Strictly because Adam Sandler wore the shirt.

26 Cartoon Characters In Real Life

Melhores cosplayers Sem nenhum esforço 26 cartoon characters in real life

Parenting: Baby Sleep Positions Defined. You'd think such a little person wouldn't take up so much room on the bed, but you'd be wrong.

Parenting: Baby Sleep Positions Defined

Baby sleep positions -- lol, sad but true! they may be cute but they sure are bed hogs. Baby sleep positions -- lol, sad but true! they may be cute but they sure are bed hogs.

I did not like playing this game. I was the one who got caught.

red rover red rover send *whispers frantically* *nods heads in agreement* *yells* ROBBY RIGHT OVER


when your kids are all losing their minds at the same time and you gotta connect with Jesus so you don’t do anything stupid.

It's funny that's it's not bc it's true...

Toddlers getting their hair washed and an exorcism sound strangly alike

Mom pickup toys faster than me with my garbage bagsM<3

Keeping your house clean while kids are still living in it is next to impossible. These 13 hilarious parenting memes will help you realize you're not alone in trying to keep up with a cleaning schedule, and keep your house organized, too.

She MAY have overdone the make up this morning, as she's DEAD tired so did her make up terribly ☑️

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51 of Our Favourite Mom Memes

51 of Our Favourite Mom Memes

In celebration of all things mom-ish (because: Mother's Day) we have collected all of our favourite Mom Memes from the internet. Which is your favourite?

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