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Berber Talisman Necklace - Click Image to Close

Seven copper & silver Berber talisman prayer boxes representing the days of the week, & also used for inserting verse and prayers, with African carnelian Talhakimts used as spacers.

Tuareg AgathTelhakimt, Tanfouk, Agadez Cross, Ingall & Zinder pieces | The Tuareg women wear this as hairpieces and/or as a necklace. | Tuareg Agadez Cross made of Tuareg silver melange, Tanfouk (Telhakimt) Agath precious stone, beautiful colors red/brown, Ingall Tuareg Silver Melange with red glass, Zinder pieces Tuareg Silver Melange, Tanfouk

Tuareg AgathTelhakimt Tanfouk Agadez Cross by TuaregJewelry, What a yummy collection!

Elegante, liso Negro Onyx granos han sido mano anudada en el rojo cable rojo sedoso pero robusto. Un grano tibetano magnífico bronce con

108 Bead Cinnabar Wooden Tassel Mala Necklace by TheArtsyNomad

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Royal Girdle with Symbolic Insignia (Yet)     D.R. Congo, Bushong people     20th century

Royal Girdle with Symbolic Insignia (Yet) D. Congo, Bushong people century Collection of Matthew Polk and Amy Gould, Photo by Renée Comet .