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Aww sweet little unicorn. You're so cute. *pats head*

Aww sweet little unicorn. I can imagine him doing this.

This is actually quite true given the fact that Lay has Hemophilia, a blood disorder,  and due to this the group is always really careful with him.

❤️ im so thankful that lay has stayed strong with exo and have continued to be a beautiful family with all exols, we will love and support all of u forever ❤️ saranghae!

I don't ship chanbaek as of yet but this made me laugh really hard

That’s it the search stop here I quit exo memes for life

D.O's it's just so true... Especially for a 4'11" person like me :P

Exo maknaes have pretty flippin sweet lives lolol the hyungs are too impatient to wait for the derp maknaes XD

EXO in Four words  yep, sounds about right.

EXO in Four words yep, sounds about right.<< oh shit my school calls me a stressed out soccer mom so-

If only EXO could read this<<<they wont be the last one, i stand right beside them, still cheering EXO on

not the biggest exo fan but i think this relates to all of my bias, groups and fandoms

XD And THAT everybody is the otp that i will never not ship HAHAHA KAISOO FTW <3 Also, only kris can put up with showering with tao,,,, Taoris everybody~

I really dunno. I love kaisoo but at the same time I hate kaisoo

exo artificial love  ^^^ Bless Byun Baekhyun!  I now relish that "now you wanna play me" part on a whole new level^.^

artificial love is one of my favourite exo songs ever ❤️ im so glad they got it!