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In Pictures: 12 Strange And Unusual Homes For Sale

inspired by the stems of Queen Anne’s lace, a white flowering plant - most people didn't see that resemblance, they saw big mushrooms, hence the nickname 'Mushroom House' - near Rochester, NY

Sculpture Home

Sculpture Home - In Pictures: 12 Strange And Unusual Homes For Sale - Forbes

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Bob Hope House - Futuristic: The home owes its space age look to a design by famed modernist architect John Lautner

Mushroom House, Pittsford,New York

The intriguing Mushroom House, located in Perinton, NY. Architect originally was thinking of Queen Anne's Lace when designing it.


Not gonna lie, I kinda want a cottage in this hood. (16 photos)

15 Strange and Unusual Homes you have never seen

Vietnam Crazy House!

The Hang Nga Guest House in Dalat, Vietnam. Built into a tree, the house is mostly carved wood covered in concrete.