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But reading literature is your first love. | 19 Signs You’re Just Like Rory Gilmore

19 Signs You're Just Like Rory Gilmore

When Rory proved that reading is sexy. | Community Post: 30 Times "Gilmore Girls" Was The Most Fashionable Show Ever

30 Times "Gilmore Girls" Was The Most Fashionable Show Ever

charming life pattern: gilmore girls - quote - my mouth - my mind and my ...

One of my favorite quotes: "And my mouth was stunned and my mind said, "I told you so." Then my mouth got mad 'cause no mouth likes to have its nose rubbed in it. Now my mind and my mouth aren't talking. It'll take weeks to get them together again.

I love the way Logan comes through for Rory in this episode I love when Logan pulls out the food for their date "When you're on!" -Rory

Logan: Are these proofed? Rory: Yeah but they're not typed in yet. Logan: I'll do that. I type 90 words a minute. Rory: You do? Logan: You really did only like me for my looks, huh?