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Queen are a British rock band credited with making significant contributions to rock music.

Freddy Mercury acababa de terminar su gira con Queen en 1986 y quiso celebrarlo en el The Roof Gardens, en Kensington. Samantha Fox, bailando con él. Foto: Richard Young

Richard Young, el fotógrafo de las noches más salvajes de los famosos

Freddie Mercury with Samantha Fox during a party at Kensington Roof Gardens in London on July 1986 © Marie Claire China

Queen in Montruex, Switzerland. One of Freddie's favorite places to be.

Queen in Montreux

Queen..Miss Freddie Mercury so much...

Com - Queen - Beeb Sticker Queen sticker with alternate photo from album cover "At The Beeb.

Queen - queen Photo

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C'est bon, on l'a les gars

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26229323_1780130412288303_496619236947890739_n.jpg 720×477 pixels