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Happy Valentine's Day! by on @DeviantArt

This dress is wonderful,it looks like the clothe is light waet. We could do this dress los deferent in a fowe way with still keeping to the oreganl dress.

A commission for of his _gorgeous_ mermaid character Luna, in an underwater setting vaguely inspired by the colors in Avatar. Reference used for the pose, provided by commissioner.

ENG: 2 of 3 commissions for xXEmeraudeStarXx. Hope you'll like this RUS: 2 из 3 комиссий xXEmeraudeStarXx. На&#1076...

ENG: 2 of 3 commissions for xXEmeraudeStarXx. Hope you'll like this RUS: 2 из 3 комиссий xXEmeraudeStarXx.

Citania casual season 1 by on @DeviantArt

this was made by thanx alot! ^^ and any one who steals her trust me it's the end of u in DA!

Com: Syrena Imperialix by on @DeviantArt

Com for Sorry for the long delay this drawing is for oOAquaDreamOo use!

New Winx Oc: Yuki Frost (Season 1) by xXDiamondStarXx

Now my new Winx Oc Yuki Frost *-* I really like, how she comes out This is her Season 1 design Her name is a creation from her magic, because Y. New Winx Oc: Yuki Frost (Season