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2010 - 2012 Ford Lifted Trucks--not a big green fan but love the brand

Pink Ducati...my next goal In life is to get this !!! I always achieve my goals ! Cant wait !! :)

Pink Ducati Motorcycle Today you may notice more motorcycles and scooters on the road than usual for the annual 'Ride to Work Day' .


Dream bike right here cbr 600 rr , get my baby on the back of that and ride with her forever

Honeycomb tire won’t go flat

Honeycomb tire won’t go flat

Zombie proof airless tires automobile car tirs for zombie apocalypse, Wow! 100 amazing new tires, Developed for the military by Resilient Tech. www ford gt forum. com March 2015

That's hot...

Other than this is a crappy ass Ford (RAM baby!), this truck is bangin! And the puppy is cute!

BMW Motorcycles Announces Recall of the K1200S and K1200R Motorcycles Owing to Brake Trouble

BMW Motorcycles Announces Recall of the and Motorcycles Owing to Brake Trouble

White suits the Panigale so well... as iconic as a red 916 for years to come! http://www.biketuna.co.uk

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The CHRISTINI AWD Military Edition is based on the CHRISTINI AWD 450, and has a multitude of add on parts for  added protection and longevity (See: Specifications tab). The Military Edition is used by the Navy SEALs and Special Forces groups overseas, as well as other branches of the military.

Christini Tecnhologies has upgraded its all-wheel-drive motorcycles for The latest models are the Christini AWD 450 Enduro and the AWD 450 Military Edition used by U. Navy Seals in Afghanistan and now available for retail.