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bloodhound puppy. Don't get any better than this! Sweetest face ever!!!

i want a bloodhound! Dopey & Dazey are Bassett hounds but I adore the blood hound too. So cute.

"Earl" <3

Someday I'll get a bloodhound puppy like this I hope(:

La cosa mas hermosa

All I want is a pudgy, wrinkled bulldog baby


* * " Hey son, de human overs here willz loves ya like me does, plus brings yoo overs to visit. Yoo be disowin' me! Me kin see dat. Yoo hads one offspring, me. Whys ya gotta do me dis way?


108 Reasons Why Corgis Really Are That Great

Good morning Corgi, a new breed: the Mr.Good Monday to you :-)

Puppy dog cuddles

Happy face – The little puppy wants someone to play with it. How can you not smile at his happy face?


English bulldog puppy playing with a ball

Just look at that face!!!    Korean mastiff

korean mastiff puppy I want himmmm

MEHH i want a Blood Hound!... but then again im fine with my Coon Hound! i just LOVE the wrinkles!!

Blood hound puppy😍😍😍 Want!

From ' I Love My Cane Corso '

From ' I Love My Cane Corso '