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well that explains why I blushed during embarrassing parts of movies.

This seemed to happen a lot then :/

The opposite of deja vu is called ‘jamais vu.’ Meaning not remembering something you always see! I suffer from this!

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~~pinned from site directly~~ . . . Fun Psychology facts here!

~~pinned from site directly~~ . . . Fun Psychology facts here!

I do not trust someone who hugs me longer than 20 seconds, I'd feel weird and violated.

psych-facts: Hugs that last over twenty seconds, release a chemical in your body called “Oxytocin”, which makes you trust the person you’re hugging more. I love long hugs, they are more sincere.

Psychofacts- psychological facts

Psychofacts- psychological facts « This is true. The dreams I can think of that where the best and worst food have the same people

Just a girl trying to figure things out. It goes without saying I don't own the pics I post unless...

or the girls on the net cos they are filtered and airbrushed SO if he doesn't love you the way you are, someone else sure as hell will!

Interesting ;)

This is interesting, if it is true I sure have had a lot of random people wanting to see me! Weird dreams with random people in them lately!