1920s fashion... Charting the 1920s hemline. Great link. Short, flapper length only existed from 1926-1928.

Great in depth article on how women's fashions changed through out the decade of the

Attainable Fashion for All High fashion until the twenties had been for the richer women of society. But because construction of the flapper's dress was less complicated than earlier fashions, women were much more successful at home dressmaking a flapper dress which was a straight shift. It was easier to produce up to date plain flapper fashions quickly using flapper fashion Butterick dress patterns. Recorded fashion history images after the twenties do reflect what ordinary women really…

Flapper Fashion - How fashion changed in the Pictures showing the costume history of roaring twenties, cloche hats, hair and clothes.

Ensemble, House of Worth, 1924–25, silk

Ensemble (a) House of Worth (French, Designer: (b) Hat by Amicy-Boinard (French) Date: Culture: French Medium: (a) silk, feathers (b) wool, feathers, silk.

Many women celebrated the age of the flapper as a female declaration of independence. Experimentation with new looks, jobs, and lifestyles seemed liberating compared with the socially silenced woman in the Victorian Age. The flappers chose activities to please themselves, not a father or husband.

New rights and employment opportunities meant new fashion trends for women in the The ever-popular "flapper" trend exploded as dress hemlines moved above the ankles and femininity norms were challenged.

Late 1930s colors were rich and deep - a great palette for an autumn wedding!

Wedding ColorTrends and Inspirations: Past, Present, and Future

Vanity Fair 1921 - Francesca Miranda's Fashion History Class - For the well dressed man

Vanity Fair 1921 – Francesca Miranda’s Fashion History Class – For the well dressed man