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Nothing says I love you like poorly concealed insults as Christmas presents. Zorro x Sanji

Mini comic Levi and Hanji by Akeshi-Ayame on deviantART

Mini comic Levi and Hanji by Akeshi-Ayame (DeviantART)

Found at: tyeplikeroxy.tumblr.com  oops jzu's Homestuck blog haha : Photo<-- im gonna leave this here...

You know dirks coming back like when did everyone die I didn't say happy birthday or actually work our relationship problems out and who is everyone else there are wrecked planets what went down

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public


so i heard you like cosplay. but these are better than cosplay, it's real life characters!

Haikyuu!! ~~ Happy Birthday, Suga-san! :: 06/13 by s-haa.deviantart.com on @deviantART

~ I love how they think of Suga as their mother, its really adorable!S I DO ship Suga and Daichi!