Last month, Marvel Comics came under fire for a variant cover for the debut issue of Riri Williams in Invicible Iron Man by J. Scott Campbell, one decried for heavily sexualizing the 15-year-old hero. The company rapidly pulled the cover from solicits with no replacement—but Campbell drew a new cover that will now take its place.

Artist Draws New Variant Invincible Iron Man Art to Replace Controversial Pulled Cover

If I'm going to have a problem, he may as well be a humanly impossible warhorse who can't let a bad thing go unpunished

The line art on this piece is so amazingly detailed, that it is actually a bit hard to appreciate without zooming in. So I& just hoping you can get to see it here, but if not then feel free to dow.

Mark XI – Stealth Armor v.01

Iron Man 3: Armaduras de Tony Stark

With Tony Stark set to appear in 'Iron Man 'The Avengers and apparently 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' here are the Iron Man Armors we hope to see make an appearance.

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Iron Man...........

The Mark 46 (Mark XLVI) is the forty-sixth Iron Man Armor created by Tony Stark. This armor was.

It's a big price to pay, but someone's gotta do it!

How Much Does it Cost to Be Iron Man or Batman? Images and Infographics that show how much it would cost someone to become Iron Man or Batman.

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark XXV - Striker Sixth Scale Figure

The Mark 25 (Mark XXV), also known by its code-name as "Striker" or "Thumper", is a Heavy.

Arte conceitual do Homem de Ferro.

Got this interesting idea. leather gloves but iron man style. Iron Man Mark XLVI by Phil Saunders