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Salvador Dali, Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man. Note the location of the "new man's" birth. My favorite piece by Dali.

“Time is what we want most............but what we use worst.”

Melted Clock, from Salvador Dali This clock artwork by Salvador Dali was displayed at the sidewalk of Orchard Boulevard in Singapore.

Portrait of Katharina Cornell, 1951, Salvador Dali

~ Portrait of Katharina Cornell, by Salvador Dali - 1951 - Surrealism ~


Salvador Dali - Melancholy - Portrait of Singer Claire Dux

Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man Completion Date: 1943 Style: Surrealism Genre: allegorical painting Technique: oil Material: canvas

Van Gogh - Vento

Vincent Van Gogh - Vento: I love this particular Van Gogh.look at that sky, the swirls, the color in contrast to the golden field below.

Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (Panel 1), 1942 - Salvador Dalí

Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (Panel 1942 - Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí »»El jinete de la muerte, 1935

Surrealism surged during the and art copied dreams. Fantasy and imagination were paramount, and drugs were often involved. Here is a Dali piece; Dali and Schiaparelli were friends who played off each other's ideas. “The Horseman of Death”, Salvador Dalí.

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Flight of a Bee by Salvadore Dali

Сон, вызванный полетом пчелы вокруг граната, за секунду до пробуждения/Sueño causado por el vuelo de una abeja alrededor de una granada un segundo antes de despertar.

Girl at the windov , Dalì , 1925

My favorite 'Woman at the Window' (Muchacha en la ventana) - 1925 - by Salvador Dali (Spanish, - Oil on board

Water Serpents I by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt Water Serpents I - oil and gold on canvas, Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

Erik Ravelo Los Intocables

Los Intocables by Erik Ravelo is a campaign to raise awareness on the right to childhood and the factors that threaten it. It is supported by the UNHATE Foundation, the heart of Benetton Group’s social activities.