Gorgeous bun tutorial! Create a simple yet different look in just a few minutes. Walgreens.com has great hair products to keep every strand in place.

40 Easy Hair Tutorials (For long and short hair

Bun&Side Bow - Hair put into a high ponytail, twisted and pinned into a half bun. Rest of her hair twsited into a small side bow from Brooklyn Bride

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I don't like the mini braid but the tutorial for the waterfall part is great. Mini braid would be cool for a hippie or Mermaid costume.

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super easy to do take top "layer" of hair and braid then start to add in hair to the three strand braid super pretty

Image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/54/09/66/54096609e12e20ed6624f6274e3a5b21.jpg.

Braid Into Bun - Sock Bun Tutorial Long Hair, Complex Do. Hairs styling I think is a creative way to show off your talent with anything hair and is quick way to style anyone's hair.


Tips: Fishtail french braid tutorial. In this pic they start from the top of the head, which I want to try. My hair is always messy so this can work for me!


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Our inside-out braided ponytail is the perfect go-to for a cute and simple look that will keep your hair perfectly styled from yoga class to poolside!

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This's be so fuckin cool in game of thrones (yes i see awesome styles and immediately think of geek stuff

O.o I wanna do that braid! but the color of her hair is just AMAZING!!!!!!!

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Elaborate updo and gorgeous red hair! I gotta learn how to do this.

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Put hair in a pony tale. Set a piece of hair to the side. Braid it then put hair in bun. Wrap the braid around the bun.then all set!