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According to Vinals' concept plans, the giant aircraft would be powered by three Harrier-style jets and feature a double fuselage, meaning i...

Is this the future of air travel?

“Sky Whale” is a concept aircraft created by Spanish designer Oscar Viñals that uses technological innovation to make air travel more efficient and ultimately, eco-friendly. Read more: Oscar Viñals' Sky Whale is a Three-Story Gargantuan "Green" Aircraft

The Sky Whale would use materials made of alloys, ceramics or fiber composites to reduce drag.

AWWA "Sky Whale" Concept Plane by Oscar Viñals, via Behance-powered by four hybrid engines that are recharged with solar panels


The three-story aircraft has a greater wingspan and is higher than today's biggest carriers. Sky Whale would have a span of 88 meters in com.

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This incredibly futuristic plane could be the future of airliners | It's a triple-decked, eco-friendly, hybrid jet airliner with six hydrogen fuel engines. The rendering has solar panels on the roof of the plane that would absorb solar energy and clever engineering would reduce drag as well as the sound of the plane flying through the air by 75%.

This incredibly futuristic plane could be the future of airliners

Do you still remember AWWA-VA Sky Whale concept? Oscar Viñals is back again with AWWA-QG Progress Eagle concept airplane. This is the brother of Sky Whale, it



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Alex Ichim on DrawCrowd. Keywords: concept spaceship art illustration design by alex ichim professional concept artist gameloft bu.

Dolphin-Inspired Airplanes - Victor Uribe's A350h Airliner Takes Off Vertically, Not at an Angle (GALLERY)

Dolphin-Inspired Airplanes

Dolphin-Inspired Airplanes - Victor Uribe's Airliner Takes Off Vertically, Not at an Angle (GALLERY)


The engineer behind the Skreemr jet has unveiled another radical, much faster design for future air travel. Charles Bombadier latest concept jet is capable of reaching Mach 24 - more than twice the speed of the Skreemr and 12 times faster than Concorde

SpaceLiner is an advanced concept for a suborbital, hypersonic, winged passenger transport

The two-stage, fully reusable system – consists of a passenger orbiter and a booster stage with an environmentally friendly rocket propulsion system fuelled by liquid hydrogen and oxygen.