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blazepress: Fun Interactive Dancing Pedestrian Signal Light Makes the Streets Safer

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50 Creative and Unique Advertising Ideas and Design Inspiration for you

I can see this happening...  Typical baby Leo

Naranjas y Zapatos: Cafe con ventana / Coffee with window <--- This is so a younger Leo.

designboom (DB) talks to the new york-based artist aakash nihalani (AA) about his influences and recent projects. DB: please could you tell us briefly how you came to work in your current capacity? AA: both my parents are from india. I was born in little india (jackson heights, queens),  but grew up in jersey until I came back to new york  in 2004 to attend art school. I stumbled upon using tape by accident... I was using a painter’s roll to attach some  screen prints to the wall for a…

Sum Times - Aakash Nihalani "incorporates his signature style forms into urban environments to work as simple (and clever! For example, one window + one window = two windows.

Fastest man in the world

Check this out

Running at top speed, when suddenly. this made me laugh so much his face lol

Message In A Bottle Flash Drive #urbanoutfitters

10 USB Drives That Are Too Cute to Lose

I think I just found my next DIY project Message In A Bottle Flash Drive via Urban Outfitters

Dancewalk! - SoulPancake Street Team. I wish there were more cross walks like this! :)

(SoulPancake Street Team) We often head from place to place so quickly that we forget to take a break and just enjoy the moment. So SoulPancake set out to give people a way to inject some fun into an everyday activity.

The First 4DX Movie Theater in the U.S. Opens With a Jolt

The First 4DX Movie Theater in the U.S. Opens With a Jolt

The First Movie Theater in the U. Opens With a Jolt

In South Africa, the Homeless Find it Degrading to Beg…  So This Company Took Action!

Introducing The Street Store. The world's first rent-free, premises-free, free 'pop-up clothing store' for the homeless, found entirely on the street and curated by you.