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Eileen in Primrose Yellow (1926). John Lavery (Irish 1856-1941). Oil on canvas. Ulster Museum.Eileen  (later Lady Sempill, 1890-1935) was Lavery’s daughter from his first marriage, and she appeared in a number of his paintings. In this painting, Eileen is elegantly posed but there is a sense of warmth and intimacy that differentiates this work from society portraits.

Sir John Lavery (Irish painter, - Eileen in Primrose Yellow, Oil on canvas, National Museums Northern Ireland .although Irish, Lavery spent much of his formative life and career in Scotland and was a central figure of The Glasgow Boys.

Johanna Harmon  - Glimpse of Blue Sky, Oil on Linen ~ 12" High x 8" Wide

Glimpse of Blue Sky by Johanna Harmon Oil on Linen. When the grey clouds dominate and you forget the sun, blue skies can make you feel washed clean once again.