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Love how happy he is to be in his own company. And of course, Teddy's.

Famous people and their reads: Mr Bean reads Asterix to his teddy bear :)

Just Mr. Bean. @Whitney Stewart

Just Mr. Bean.

Funny pictures about Mr. Bean strikes again. Bean strikes again. Bean strikes again photos.

Mr Bean, Beans, Santos, Saints

spock live long and prosper

Gene Roddenberry's 1973 letter: Star Trek was about people, not hardware

The Iconic “Live Long and Prosper” Hand Gesture Was Originally a Jewish Sign

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean

Mr.Bean In 11 Famous Classic Paintings. |LOL, Damn! Spread Laughter And Awesomeness!

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Bean In 11 Famous Classic Paintings. Spread Laughter And Awesomeness!

Lookout world!

28 Creepy Photoshopped Pictures Of Mr. Bean