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Exo Ultimate Reference Guide by Centchi on DeviantArt. This would totally be me in pony form.

Comment your fave Rarity! => Unicorn! Coz Rarity is perfect as she is <3

Comment your fave Rarity! Coz Rarity is perfect as she is => either radiance of nightmare rarity.

Silver Duskstreak, Cloudy Flame, Ribbon, Cloverstripe, Chocolate Malt, Glaze Gleam, Deer Gallop, Neon Bolt, Water Wisp, Splatter Stumble, Silk Heart, Lily Mango, Crystal Shine, Sky Rider, Cotton Candy, Aura Bleu, Lollipop Berry, Emo Night, Rainbow Spectrum, Lion Blast, and Doodle Black, all 17 or 18

UP FOR ADOPTION comment who you want and ill give you one and its name. 9 10 16 and 19 are adopted by Twilight Starla Sparkle. 5 is mine.

My Little Ponies as human, both male and female - oh my goodness. Why are people so good at art??

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Rainbow Blitz and Rainbow Dash I'm still trying to decide who to couple the male versions of everyone with (I can a. MLP - Blitz and Dash