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I don't know what this little creature is but it's beautiful...

Bought her: Saturday Name: Miscreant Nickname: Misty Age: Unkown/ Around weeks Breed: Arctic Marble Fox Gender: Female Weight/Height: 6 pou.

Red Fox. #color #animals

Not only is this a sweet picture but I am interested in shape the foxes body makes when its curled up like this. I could incorporate it somehow into my logo or mark.

Canadian Marble Fox

Canadian white fox is super adorable. The adorable Canadian marble fox Lookit herrrrrrr

* * FOX: " De onlys thing worse than bein' on a fox farm, be dyin' on ones. Dey killz us fer our coats - gas, strangulation, electrocution.... and worse. Dey notz particular. De celebs must haz der ' fur '. Must runs along nowz."

Canadian Marble Fox

Funny pictures about Canadian Marble Fox. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian Marble Fox. Also, Canadian Marble Fox photos.

What a cute little face...

Grey fox, one of 12 species in vulpes genus, true foxes, 5 other genera clive nigel.

Gorgeous Fox

Not an arctic fox, but a marble-phase red fox (Vulpes vulpes), a color morph only found in captive bred foxes.


* * " I notz gonna make a good pet. First chance I getz, I rip dis chain off andS run to de woods where I belongs.

Animals In Tiny Casts

Animals In Tiny Casts

marble fox | Arctic Marble Fox these can actually be pets, ADORABLE

marble fox Arctic Marble Fox these can actually be pets, ADORABLE