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Thrive 360 Living: Five Easy and Fun Toilet Paper Roll Kid Activities. Double sided sticky tape, origami papers (or paint) toilet paper rolls, imagination and you're on your way to five for childrens learning fun!

Recycled Toilet Roll Ball Drop Game with Ping Pong Balls!  Great for toddlers and preschoolers!

Ping Pong Ball Run {101 Kids Activities Book

Recycled Toilet Roll Ball Drop Game with Ping Pong Balls! Great for toddlers and preschoolers! We totally did something like this in China for C only instead of ping pong balls we used food pouch tops.

It was a beautiful day around here, and so I looked out for a unique outdoor activity.  These big foot races were a lot of fun for the girls.  All you do is take shoe boxes and cut holes big enough so your kids can slip their feet in.  Then, you tape the lid to the box, have the kids put them on and race.  I love the idea of… {Read More}

Day #129 - Big Foot Races

Great field day activity or field day game. A simple shoe box turns into loads of fun in this multiple skill building game - Big Foot Relay. Discover all the sensory motor activities involved!

Spirograph for sidewalk chalk! $5. Is it bad if I want to buy for myself?if someone sees this in a store buy for me and i will pay you back

Sidewalk Spirograph!

– Sidewalk Spirograph Remember those awesome Spirograph toys from the eighties? How about putting together some giant Spirograph art on the sidewalk or driveway for some impromptu artistic fun?

Indoor Snowman with recipe -- this would be a great sensory activity! (2 boxes of cornstarch + 1 can of shaving cream)

Making Snowmen... Inside

SENSORY TABLE: INDOOR SNOWMAN: 2 boxes of cornstarch a can of foaming shaving cream a box or plastic container a sheet or tarp or even newspaper any random materials you have around your house


DIY catapult: Made with a spring clothespin, this simple catapult lets kids take aim with paper balls that pose no threat to man or beast